Build Back Better

12 May 2021
by Darren James

The Government wants the UK to “Build Back Better” after the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why the industry has launched a Work Pipeline Visibility Charter, which is asking the UK rail industry to play its part in meeting its Rail Sector Deal commitments by making the development, design, procurement and delivery of rail projects more effective than they have been in the past.

One way to achieve this is by providing suppliers a clear picture of their potential future workload. When the Rail Supply Group (RSG) surveyed businesses that supply to the rail sector last year, visibility of the work pipeline came out as an absolute priority, and COVID has only made this more urgent.

Better work pipeline visibility enables organisations throughout the supply chain to invest in the people, skillsand technology they need to provide better products and services.

The Charter is giving organisatiions at every level the chance to commit to making their work pipeline visible as early and as deep into their supply chain as possible.

Without clear visibility of upcoming workload, suppliers use a lot of energy trying to work out for themselves what the pipeline might be, or they decide that it is not worth investing in the marketplace. We need organisations further down the supply chain to invest in manufacturing capability, because that is where the innovative solutions are going to come from that will make the whole industry more effective.

Last year, full pipeline visibility was trialled on eight pilot projects that involved 28 organisations from all levels in the supply chain. All these projects reported benefits with little or no extra cost.

If everyone in the industry signs up to the Work Pipeline Visibility Charter, these benefits will be felt on every project in the future and by everyone in the industry – from government, rail clients, Tier 1’s, Tier 2’s and other procurer’s all the way through to the supply chain.

Add your signature to the RSG’s Work Pipeline Charter today.

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