Eli Rees King, Marketing Communications Director at the Rail Alliance explains the goals and purpose of the Rail Supply Group

Working closely with organisations within the supply chain from top tier and OEMs right down to the micro SMEs, not only does the Rail Alliance have the capability to understand business from a grass-roots level, but as a team dedicated to helping the sector, we make it our business to build relationships and bonds with all of the key supporting entities that bolster and promote rail business in the UK and overseas.

Over the next few months the Rail Alliance will be shining a spotlight on current topics and issues as well as raising greater awareness and understanding of the support network that exists for businesses in rail.

This month we are focusing on the Rail Supply Group and what this important body does and is doing for UK rail. What does the RSG mean to you?

The purpose of the RSG

Let’s start with understanding why the RSG was created and the ethos behind its existence.

The Rail Supply Group (RSG) is the leadership body for the rail supply sector, working in partnership with the Rail Delivery Group (RDG) to set the direction for the industry. It provides leadership and guidance to industry and Government, and leads on a programme of work on behalf of the UK rail supply chain.

The RSG Council composition is fully representative of the UK rail supply chain, covering the breadth and depth of the supply chain and its sub categories, from SMEs to OEMs, with senior industry leaders owning the work-streams and cross cutting programmes.

Formed in 2014, the RSG is the only rail body to have members from Government and the private sector, focusing on supporting and enhancing the rail supply chain. It aims to strengthen the capability and competitiveness of the UK rail supply chain to grow business at home and abroad and focuses on four areas of work:

  1. Driving growth
  2. Accelerating innovation
  3. Doubling exports
  4. Improving skills

As well as these four work-streams, there are also some crucial cross-cutting themes that are important across a number of the work-streams. These include a focus on supporting SMEs (SME Council), the impact of Brexit and the importance of developing a Rail Sector Deal that delivers for the whole industry and the Digital Railway.

For more, go to https://www.railpro.co.uk/railpro-magazine/straight-talking-from-the-heart-of-the-rail-supply-chain



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