Industrial Strategy – Rail Sector Deal

The Rail Sector Deal sets out a new approach to the rail industry and the government working in partnership to transform the rail sector – by taking actions to increase the use of digital technology, boost productivity, improve the service received by those who use our railways and build the skills of the UK workforce to capitalise on these opportunities.

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One Railway: Digitally Connecting the Nation

The One Railway document sets out a well-defined and ambitious strategy to ensure the UK rail sector becomes a world-leading industry. Our plan will transform the industry through digitalisation – enhancing the customer experience, whilst creating a truly sustainable UK rail sector.

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Rail Sector Deal delivery plans

The UK’s railways are critical to our country’s economic success, as they have been since the age of Brunel. The Government is determined to ensure our railways continue to be at the cutting edge of global trends and build on the enterprise that invented, innovated and advanced rail travel throughout the world.

The private sector has a significant part to play – privatisation has reversed decades of decline and heralded the fastest expansion of our railways since the Victorian era. This Sector Deal looks to build on the strong partnership working between the rail sector and the government to exploit the opportunities of new technologies, improve the efficient use of our rail network capacity and enhance the experience of the passengers who use our railways, by improving the service they receive.

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181206_Rail Sector Deal Delivery Plans


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Rail Sector Deal


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