The SME Council

The RSG are committed to supporting SMEs in the UK rail sector, and recognise the significant impact that SME’s have made to the industry and the wider UK economy. The first meeting of the SME Council took place in June 2017 and was chaired by Simon Higgens, CEO of ISS Labour Ltd. The inaugural meeting was a success, as the Council worked to develop a compelling case on how SME’s can deliver unrivalled customer experience to rail users.

The SME Council is listed below:

Abi Broadley, Aquarius Railroad Technologies Ltd
Andrew Gee
, AMCL Systems Engineering Ltd
Anne Wilson MBE, Numill Ltd
Ben Blackwall, Engineering improvement Ltd
Colin Flack, Rail Alliance
Colin Campbell, Steel Line Ltd
David Woakes, Jonathan Lee Recruitment
David Brookes, Elite KL Ltd
David Greenwell, PRB Consulting
Elaine Clark, Rail Forum East Midlands
Gary Khristensen, K2RCM Ltd
Geoff Banks, IE People
John Stevens, Excalibur Screwbolts Ltd
Joseph Infante, CPC Project Services LLP
Lorna Gibson, QTS Group Ltd
Mark Lindhal, Bridgeway Consulting Ltd
Mike Burns, Linbrooke Services Ltd
Paul Capener, XEIAD Ltd
Paul McSharry, Kilborn Consulting Ltd
Peter Pollock, Rail Industry Association and LPA Group
Phil Storr, MRL Ltd
Richard Carr, Mechan Ltd
Roy Freeland, Perpetuum Ltd


February 4, 2019

The Rail Sector Deal seeks to create whole-life unit cost reductions and deliverability improvements for DR infrastructure, thereby allowing the DR programme to be more ambitious than what would be possible otherwise. Productivity improvements could be achieved through a number of different channels. Most immediately, a reduction in unit cost in line with the Rail […]


Structure of the Rail Sector Deal The Rail Delivery Group and Rail Supply Group, supported by the Railway Industry Association, the Rail Alliance, Rail Forum East Midlands, and a number of individual businesses and stakeholders from across the rail and digital sectors, have developed a proposal for a Sector Deal for the rail industry. The […]

SAVE THE DATE: RSG SME Conference, London, 28th Jan 2019

December 13, 2018

The Rail Supply Group’s SME council* is hosting a conference during the afternoon of the 28th January in central London. The purpose of the event will be to provide a forum through which the upper tiers of the rail supply chain can communicate its aspirations to engage more widely with small to medium sized companies […]